It is bit surpri­sing for me that accor­ding the stu­dy deve­lo­pers in gene­ral feel hap­pier in rat­her small companies.

The rea­son might be that in gene­ral start-ups are small and start ups work with the latest tech­no­lo­gies. In lar­ge com­pa­nies’ deve­lo­pers many times end up dig­ging the bugs out from the old code base and even new relea­ses are just exten­sion of the old pre­sen­ted in the new package.

The key three main things influencing to work satis­fac­tion among the developers:

  • 68% of deve­lo­pers con­si­der that the abi­li­ty to learn new things is more impor­tant than sala­ry when con­si­de­ring a new job opportunity;
  • Mac­hi­ne lear­ning is the num­ber 1 skill that deve­lo­pers would like to acqui­re in 2018; and
  • Deve­lo­pers who work in small com­pa­nies are more pro­fes­sio­nal­ly ful­fil­led than tho­se wor­king in lar­ge groups.

This qui­te nice­ly fits for the TT-Search O’s mis­sion to help small and medium size Fin­nish softwa­re com­pa­nies to find trans­na­tio­nal deve­lo­per talents. Again looks like we are dea­ling with the chal­len­ge that pre­sents win-win situa­tion for both parties.