All who lives in met­ro­po­lis like São Pau­lo or Ban­ga­lo­re, feel eve­ry­day the ener­gy loss and stress what the dai­ly trans­por­ta­tion is causing. For many who have not expe­rienced this, it is even dif­ficult to ima­gi­ne. Dri­vers are like figh­ters, trying to take an advan­ta­ge over each others to shor­ten the time it takes to to get work or back to home. Many pro­fes­sio­nals are spen­ding 3–4 hours per day in traf­fic, just to trans­port them­sel­ves 20 km to work and back home. Even wor­se when the­re has hap­pen acci­dent or floo­ding somew­he­re near­by, time spent can easi­ly double. For me it was weird to dri­ve in Fin­land after I came back from São Pau­lo. Time to dri­ve 30 km takes about 30 min and almost eve­ry­one is dri­ving accor­ding the rules, doing their best to make traf­fic flow smooth­ly. Defi­ni­ti­ve one advan­ta­ge of living in small count­ry with good infra­struc­tu­re (pho­to). Qua­li­ty of life .. more time for family.