The situa­tion remains unc­han­ged in the sen­se that in Fin­land we have thousands of pro­gram­mer jobs open. At start of the career, Fin­land may not look com­pe­ti­ti­ve loca­tion when sala­ries are com­pa­red. Later on during the career when fami­ly is in pic­tu­re, situa­tion chan­ges and Fin­land turns to be com­pe­ti­ti­ve by offe­red free educa­tion, high level equa­li­ty and safe envi­ron­ment. At start pha­se of a career, pro­gram­mers in gene­ral are like “tech­no­po­li­tans” viewing the world like one open field for wor­king oppor­tu­ni­ties. Then later pha­se of a career, when fami­ly comes into the pic­tu­re, the chan­ge like immi­gra­ting to dif­fe­rent count­ry for new work and bet­ter qua­li­ty of life, starts to be A PRO­JECT. Let’s make that pro­ject toget­her, Fin­land is loo­king for expe­rienced and skil­led pro­gram­mers with good skills in seve­ral dif­fe­rent technologies.

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