Developer Jobs

Pro­fes­sio­nals who have at least a bachelor’s degree and years of wor­king expe­rience and pro­ven skills in the pro­fes­sion can be clas­si­fied being specia­lists in their area. In case pro­fes­sio­nal finds a work that cor­res­ponds his core skills and gets the emplo­y­ment cont­ract with the Fin­nish com­pa­ny for that work, he/she can apply for specialist’s resi­dence per­mit in Fin­land. The hand­ling time of resi­dence per­mit applica­tion is 2–3 months. The applica­tion can be pre­sen­ted to the Fin­nish Embas­sy in India or to the immi­gra­tion ser­vice points in Finland.

For example, if pro­fes­sio­nal has final, face to face inter­view in Fin­land, that results to a sig­ned emplo­y­ment cont­ract, pro­fes­sio­nal can apply for a specia­list resi­dence per­mit and start wor­king whi­le wai­ting for the applica­tion being proces­sed in case he/she has a valid visa. This period can be in a maxi­mum of 3 months. A first resi­dence per­mit can be even for 2 years and exten­sion can be even longer.

In case emplo­y­ment cont­ract has been ter­mi­na­ted, pro­fes­sio­nal will not be asked to lea­ve imme­dia­te­ly. He/she has time to search new emplo­y­ment at least until the actual specia­list resi­dence per­mit is valid. Fin­nish immi­gra­tion office may call for a mee­ting to discuss the situa­tion and actions that the pro­fes­sio­nal has taken to find a new job. When pro­fes­sio­nal finds a new emplo­y­ment in his/her specia­lized area, he can apply an exten­sion of the specia­list resi­dence per­mit based on this new job.

In case pro­fes­sio­nal is inte­res­ted in the EU blue card, it is impor­tant to notice that emplo­y­ment cont­ract requi­re­ments are dif­fe­rent com­pa­red to the specia­list-based resi­dence per­mit. Anyway, it is pos­sible to apply for EU blue card whi­le staying in Fin­land with the specia­list resi­dence per­mit, in case the requi­red con­di­tions for EU blue card are fulfilled.

We at TT-Search Oy are hel­ping true pro­fes­sio­nals to find such a work from Fin­land whe­re they can be clas­si­fied to be specia­lists based on their educa­tion and wor­king expe­rience. As well we will assist and sup­port Fin­nish com­pa­nies and immi­gra­ting pro­fes­sio­nals in all mat­ters rela­ted the reloca­tion, like to check that resi­dence per­mit applica­tion is comple­te and has all requi­red docu­ments and annexes.

What makes developers happy?

It is bit surpri­sing for me that accor­ding the stu­dy deve­lo­pers in gene­ral feel hap­pier in rat­her small companies.

The rea­son might be that in gene­ral start-ups are small and start ups work with the latest tech­no­lo­gies. In lar­ge com­pa­nies’ deve­lo­pers many times end up dig­ging the bugs out from the old code base and even new relea­ses are just exten­sion of the old pre­sen­ted in the new package.

The key three main things influencing to work satis­fac­tion among the developers:

  • 68% of deve­lo­pers con­si­der that the abi­li­ty to learn new things is more impor­tant than sala­ry when con­si­de­ring a new job opportunity;
  • Mac­hi­ne lear­ning is the num­ber 1 skill that deve­lo­pers would like to acqui­re in 2018; and
  • Deve­lo­pers who work in small com­pa­nies are more pro­fes­sio­nal­ly ful­fil­led than tho­se wor­king in lar­ge groups.

This qui­te nice­ly fits for the TT-Search O’s mis­sion to help small and medium size Fin­nish softwa­re com­pa­nies to find trans­na­tio­nal deve­lo­per talents. Again looks like we are dea­ling with the chal­len­ge that pre­sents win-win situa­tion for both parties.

Developer Jobs / Career Options

Impact of tech­no­lo­gy in our dai­ly life will inc­rea­se with acce­le­ra­ting speed. Softwa­re deve­lo­pers are in good posi­tion for the coming futu­re as it looks right now. Skills are glo­bal and do not have bor­ders, in the sen­se that same skills are valid all around the glo­be. Deve­lo­ping the coding skills will open the bor­ders, and it will make pos­sible to sett­le up living on a loca­tion whe­re you want to. Inc­rea­sed workload caused by eve­ry day inc­rea­sing demand will keep deve­lo­pers so busy, that they are not having time to think and plan the own futu­re. Anyway it would be so impor­tant to reser­ve time for thin­king, and set the direc­tion for your own career. Just as a thought, wit­hout des­ti­na­tion the­re is never tail wind either.

The main career paths for deve­lo­pers are:

  1. The Coding Expert, pro­fes­sio­nal who choo­ses to be specialist
  2. The Ent­repre­neur (coding)
  3. Mana­ge­rial position

The princi­pal career options in tech­nical field are rat­her straight forward. Even so, it is not easy to deci­de what you want to do. Cul­tu­re and social pres­su­re in some count­ries can force to select an option, that may not be opti­mal, or is somet­hing you do not enjoy of doing. The exis­ting cul­tu­re in some work places may influence to the way you see the dif­fe­rent career options. As per my expe­rience from Fin­nish cul­tu­re, the coding cha­me­leon and Ent­repre­neur are very high­ly valua­ted career options in Fin­nish socie­ty. To make good deci­sion rela­ted your career you have to have dif­fe­rent expe­riences to form cul­tu­ral­ly unbia­sed view of things.

To be a coding expert you need to be rea­dy to inc­rea­se your skills in rele­vant tech­no­lo­gies and main­tain and adjust the skills port­fo­lio accor­ding the mar­ket deve­lop­ment. The same is valid as well for the Ent­repre­neur in coding. Anyway even with all this pres­su­re to learn, it seems that the coding is rat­her satis­fac­to­ry career choice accor­ding the stack overflow sur­vey.

The mana­ge­rial posi­tion will requi­re to learn people skills as futu­re orga­niza­tions will be more like “Teal” orga­niza­tions that are more and more self mana­ged. The soft skills in futu­re mana­ge­rial jobs are more impor­tant more hig­her you are on a lad­der. On top posi­tions people skills are even more impor­tant than tech­nical skills.

Inte­res­ting times ahead for all deve­lo­pers. It is impor­tant to know your­self, know what fits for you, and what kind of work will give you a satis­fac­tion, and then, set the target.

Traffic, flooding and driver-fighters

Traffic, flooding and driver-fighters

All who lives in met­ro­po­lis like São Pau­lo or Ban­ga­lo­re, feel eve­ry­day the ener­gy loss and stress what the dai­ly trans­por­ta­tion is causing. For many who have not expe­rienced this, it is even dif­ficult to ima­gi­ne. Dri­vers are like figh­ters, trying to take an advan­ta­ge over each others to shor­ten the time it takes to to get work or back to home. Many pro­fes­sio­nals are spen­ding 3–4 hours per day in traf­fic, just to trans­port them­sel­ves 20 km to work and back home. Even wor­se when the­re has hap­pen acci­dent or floo­ding somew­he­re near­by, time spent can easi­ly double. For me it was weird to dri­ve in Fin­land after I came back from São Pau­lo. Time to dri­ve 30 km takes about 30 min and almost eve­ry­one is dri­ving accor­ding the rules, doing their best to make traf­fic flow smooth­ly. Defi­ni­ti­ve one advan­ta­ge of living in small count­ry with good infra­struc­tu­re (pho­to). Qua­li­ty of life .. more time for family.


Finland has thousands programmer jobs to fill

Finland has thousands programmer jobs to fill

The situa­tion remains unc­han­ged in the sen­se that in Fin­land we have thousands of pro­gram­mer jobs open. At start of the career, Fin­land may not look com­pe­ti­ti­ve loca­tion when sala­ries are com­pa­red. Later on during the career when fami­ly is in pic­tu­re, situa­tion chan­ges and Fin­land turns to be com­pe­ti­ti­ve by offe­red free educa­tion, high level equa­li­ty and safe envi­ron­ment. At start pha­se of a career, pro­gram­mers in gene­ral are like “tech­no­po­li­tans” viewing the world like one open field for wor­king oppor­tu­ni­ties. Then later pha­se of a career, when fami­ly comes into the pic­tu­re, the chan­ge like immi­gra­ting to dif­fe­rent count­ry for new work and bet­ter qua­li­ty of life, starts to be A PRO­JECT. Let’s make that pro­ject toget­her, Fin­land is loo­king for expe­rienced and skil­led pro­gram­mers with good skills in seve­ral dif­fe­rent technologies.

See below:


Finland among the best in the world

Finland among the best in the world

Even Fin­land is a tiny or at least small count­ry on a glo­bal sca­le we have rat­her many things that makes Fin­land good place to live. Even as small count­ry than only 0.07% of the world’s popu­la­tion, in many com­pa­ri­sons Fin­land is among the best ones in the who­le world.

In honor of Fin­land’s cen­te­na­ry celebra­tions, Sta­tis­tics Fin­land  col­lec­ted a list of the­se com­pa­ri­sons in which Fin­land is one of the best in the world. The com­pa­ri­sons speak for them­sel­ves: Fin­land is a good count­ry to live and rai­se children.

Plea­se have a look.